My table is a sacred space where I hold all my intentions for your healing, insight and openness to eternal love.


My bodywork is a combination of over 14 yrs experience as an Registered Massage Therapist and 7 years teaching in the AOS Spa Program at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. I have extensive practice and knowledge in Aromatherapy, Thermotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Hot/Cold Stones and Body Treatments. I started a post natal program at Aspen Valley Hospital, supporting women in c-section and vaginal deliveries. I have also studied several modalities of Shamanic Healing. In each session, I incorportate all of these healing modalities and customize the best healing methods to your specific needs or requests.



2760 29th St  Suite 1C                                                                 Boulder, Colorado 80301

T: 720-276-5804